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All seven ports (GNAT-AUX, XML/Ada, GPRBuild, GTK/Ada, GPS, GNATPython, and AWS) were submitted to the FreeBSD Ports community on 9 January. The report that tracks the request is PR 153828 and they've just started the testing on the submission, so hopefully they'll be available to FreeBSD users soon.

Today, the same ports minus AWS were submitted to NetBSD's pkgsrc. Since DragonFlyBSD also uses pkgsrc, users wth i386 and x86_64 processors of both operating systems will be able to build these from source. When the 2011Q1 bulk packages are built, they'll be able to just install the binaries from standard repositories. This will take about 3 months because the 2010Q4 snapshot is just getting built now.

Ever since Unwind Support was added to NetBSD, the Ada Web Server stopped building on NetBSD. It's linking to the system gcc library (too old) rather than the GNAT version of it. It's actually only a tool that's not build (awsres). Ideally the authors of AWS will be able to suggest a fix, otherwise the three options are either exclude NetBSD from the platform list (iow DragonFlyBSD is the only platform that can build it) or somehow patch the source to skip building the awsres tool. So for now, the AWS package hasn't been submitted.

The pending PRs on NetBSD are 44436 through 44441.

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