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The big news of the day is that NetBSD has imported all the packages(*) into the pkgsrc repository. This means that NetBSD and DragonFlyBSD users can build GNAT, the GNAT Programming Studio, and others from source today if they update pkgsrc to the repository head. They will show up in a few months in the next quarterly release (2011Q1), and at that time maintainers for NetBSD and DragonFlyBSD will build the binary packages.

Our friends at ada.cx have graciously hosted our brand new mail list. For now, feel free to post about anything that DragonLace is involved with on our one list. Later we may differentiate and have separate lists for GNAT, Draco, and Android application building. Click mail list link to register.

*The Ada Web Server hasn't been committed yet actually. This post will be updated when that happens. Many thanks to Mattias Drochner for throughly reviewing the package files and making sure they will work when NetBSD 6 gets released.


AWS is now available via pkgsrc as well.

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