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Who is reponsible for the cool dragon artwork?

One thing about Ada websites, whenever they depict Ada Lovelace, it's always using the same old Victorian era paintings.
I thought it would be fun to re-imagine her harnessing (breaking in?) a dragon, so just for fun I checked out the internet
for female dragon riders.

I stumbled upon a monthly artist competition at The Gnomon Workshop. The theme for the July 2009 competition was
"Dragon Rider" (perfect, right?), and there I discovered the Guatemalan artist Arturo Aguirre (aka TioBolasdoro).
Here is Arturo's original, untouched submission for the contest, which unfortunately did not win:

Arturo Aguirre's "Dragon Rider"

Arturo has an internet presence, so check out his work!
Site: sketcheronline.com
Blog: artinastudio.blogspot.com (with artwork)
Deviant Art: ~Tiobolasdoro (with artwork)
Twitter: SketcherOnline

This piece called Dragon Rider is used with permission.

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