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GnatDroid on FreeBSD has been updated build from GCC 4.6.3 on both ARMv5 and ARMv7. Now that the FreeBSD GNAT-AUX port is modular, the GnatDroid ports should automatically upgrade with GNAT-AUX is upgraded.

gnatdroid-armv5 20120301
gnatdroid-armv7 20120301

GnatDroid now supports Fortran and Objective-C as another benefit of the port modularity. These additional languages are not built by default, but they are easily activated when building GnatDroid from source. An option configuration screen will appear after "make" command allowing GnatDroid to support one or both of these extra languages. The screen can be forced to appear later with the "make config" command.

C++ is not yet supported as it is in GNAT-AUX. There is a build error on this language that needs to be examined in depth before C++ support can be added.

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