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FreeBSD users now have an easy method to obtain their own Ada capable Android cross-compiler. We have created four FreeBSD ports that can build two different GNAT-AUX (gcc 4.6.1) compilers that target Android ARMv5 and Android ARMv7.

The ARMv5 version creates binaries that can be run on the Android SKD emulator. The ARMv7 version is intended to produce binaries that can be run on ARM Cortex-A8+ CPUs, but until we get that Android tablet, we can't confirm it's functional. The emulator can NOT run ARMv7 binaries, so don't attempt it.

The ports will not be submitted to FreeBSD until we can run the full testsuite on them, but in the meantime we're making them available to anyone that wants to use them now (no promises of course!)

The four packages are:

  1. lang/gnatdroid-sysroot
  2. lang/gnatdroid-binutils
  3. lang/gnatdroid-armv5
  4. lang/gnatdroid-armv7

The first two are dependencies of the last two which get automatically built, so the process to install a cross-compiler is simple (logged in as root):

  1. cd ~

  2. fetch http://downloads.dragonlace.net/gnatdroid_cross-compiler.tar.bz2

  3. tar -xyf gnatdroid_cross-compiler.tar.bz2 -C /usr

  4. cd /usr/ports/lang/gnatdroid-armv5

  5. make install

If you prefer PGP-signed downloads, the signature file is available, and can be verified against John Marino's public key

Feedback or comments about these cross-compilers are always welcome.

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