Home of the GNAT AUX and future DRACO Ada compilers.

After the GNATDroid compiler passed the ACATS testsuite flawlessly, it was submitted officially to the FreeBSD ports tree. It can sometimes take months for new ports to make it through the submission process, but the GNATDroid ports got approved and committed within a week. We are very grateful to FreeBSD committer Frederic Culot for the special attention he affords these Ada ports, and we can't express our appreciation enough.

So now FreeBSD users can obtain the ports through the normal method (e.g. portsnap fetch update) and install the cross-compiler like any other FreeBSD software (e.g. cd /usr/ports/lang/gnatdroid-armv7 && make install). Now its up to you guys to utilize the strength of Ada on the Android platform.

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