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This has been a long time coming, but the upgrade of GNAT-Aux to version 4.6.2 was not straight-forward. First, two more languages were added: Fortran and Objective-C. As a result of added these two languages and running their testsuites, platform misconfigurations were uncovered, and fixing them is a long iterative process.

The second major change is that custom tarballs are no longer used. Instead, the basis for the compiler are official GCC releases and then GNAT-AUX changes are applied as patches on top of that. This has two benefits: It will be easier to move to GCC 4.7.0 when it is released and it will be easier to isolate patches to send back to FSF to permanently incorporate into the code base.

Both additional languages and patch isolation have been requested, so this important upgrade satisfies those requests.

  • FreeBSD: PR to upgrade ports submitted: PR 163914
  • DragonFly, NetBSD, OpenIndiana: Available on pkgsrc-trunk lang/gnat-aux It was committed after the 2011Q4 freeze was complete, so if one needs it before 2012Q1 branch is released, they'll have to get it from pkgsrc-trunk.

Test results

Test results over 5 languages on 9 platforms are available on this report. From an Ada view, all pkgsrc and ports platforms still pass 100%.

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