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Despite passing all testsuite tests, the 32-bit versions of GNAT AUX were having some serious issues with exception handling. They would only show up on complex programs, and couldn't be reproduced with a simple stand-alone test. With the help of Adacore's Eric Botcazou, the problem was narrowed down to a platform-specific traceback function. Once the 32-bit GNAT AUX were switched to use GCC_UNWINDER mechanism. the latest builds (4 DEC 2010) stopped exhibiting the exception handling defect.

GNAT Programming Studio

GTKAda and the GNAT Programming Studio have been added to the Pkgsrc tree that we are developing. GPS has been built successfully on both DragonFly platforms and 64-bit NetBSD. There was a problem with the 32-bit version of GPS on NetBSD which hasn't been examined carefully yet.


Adacore has been accepting BSD patches for GnatPython, AWS, and GPS, so the packages are being converted to use the latest development code rather than the yearly release. AWS is at version 2.10 (more info below), GPS is at version 5.0, and GtkAda is at version 2.22. No binary packages have been released yet, we are waiting for the development to stablize.


Development on the FreeBSD ports has started. So far, XML/Ada, GPRbuild-AUX, GnatPython, and AWS have been successfully built. GNAT-AUX, GtkAda, and GPS ports are still pending.

Ada Web Server (AWS)

The AWS build is performing pretty well, although there are still a few regression tests failing. The most serious is the socket connect with timeout functionality, and it may require a significant patch to the code base. The problem is probably related to the recently added thin-binding package for BSD sockets, and the socket polls for BSD are returning something AWS doesn't expect (it appears the poll is correct though and AWS may have been taking advantage of a quirk all this time). The bottom line is that AWS is in good, but not perfect shape. It's certainly usable as long as timeout connections are avoided for now.

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