Home of the GNAT AUX and future DRACO Ada compilers.

The FreeBSD Ada framework is built by GCC FSF 5.3 currently, but when GCC FSF 6.0 is released in a month or so, that compiler will become the default. The oldest compiler in ports, gcc-aux (GCC FSF 4.9.3) needs to be retired, but both GnatDroid ports were based on it.

I rebased them on GCC 6.0 today, which brings in two releases worth of new features. I also added Marshmellow support (Android API 23) to both the ARMv7 and x86 compilers. I removed Froyo (API 8) and Gingerbread (API 9) from the ARMv7 options. Together they represent about 2% of active Android devices and that's dropping every month.

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