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While DragonFly and FreeBSD have been enjoying FSF GNAT 4.9 for several weeks now (first snapshots and finally the actual 22 April 2014 release) from FreeBSD's Ports Collection, NetBSD was excluded as exclusively uses the FSF GNAT 4.7 from pkgsrc.

This changed yesterday though. New bootstrap compilers were made for NetBSD i386 and x86-64, and the bootstraps from the Ports Collection were also utilized. Now pkgsrc also features the latest GNAT, which is also the only version of GCC 4.9 available in pkgsrc. This means GNAT is available on six pkgsrc platforms: i386 and x86-64 on DragonFly, FreeBSD, and NetBSD. Due to the lack of a current and conforming bootstrap compiler, the SunOS support was disabled. Potential future work is to add OpenBSD bootstraps to add GNAT for OpenBSD and MirBSD through pkgsrc, and also to restore support for SunOS (Solaris 11 / SmartOS / OmniOS).

The Ada testsuites were run on the latest NetBSD 6.1.4 releases and passed perfectly. The results on display on the front page of DragonLace.

There is one downside. The new GNAT apparently requires a version of binutils newer that what NetBSD 6.1 features (version 2.21). The GNAT Programming Studio will not link with the new GNAT when it uses the base linker, but unfortunately GNAT fails to build on NetBSD 6.1 with newer binutils from pkgsrc. NetBSD 6.99 (the precursor to NetBSD 7) features binutils 2.23 in base and thus GPS builds fine. A Problem Report has been raised, but there is no estimate of when (or if) a fix for NetBSD 6 or earlier will come.

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