Home of the GNAT AUX and future DRACO Ada compilers.

Recently added to the FreeBSD ports collection was codelabs.ch's pscs-ada (thick Ada binding to PC/SC-middleware) and the APQ Ada95 database binding with drivers for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and ODBC included as as separate ports.

A huge effort went into updating the GNATDroid ARM cross-compiler to be based on GCC 4.9. This is the only ARM compiler that supports sockets to my knowledge -- socket support is disabled on a stock gcc, but I've got it working and it passes the related testsuite.

The only thing that doesn't pass is the stack-check tests. That is because stack-checking as not yet been implemented for the ARM target on GCC. A patch to add the capability was created but never added, but hopefully it gets added soon.

Other internal improvements include getting the ACATS test to run on a remote device in 15 minutes rather than 6 hours, and to get the gnat.dg testsuite to run for the first time on a remote device. The results are publish on the main page (they look good!)

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