Home of the GNAT AUX and future DRACO Ada compilers.

Ever since the Ada Framework on the FreeBSD Ports Collection was formed, the heart of it has been GNAT based on FSF GCC 4.7.x. This was starting to show limitations due to its partial Ada 2012 implementation, and this consequently limited s/w to earlier versions.

While GCC 4.9 has not been released, the Ada portion of it is pretty stable and it easily passes on tests on ACATS and GNAT.DejaGNU suites. New bootstraps were requires since GCC now requires C++ to build, so fully static (including GNAT tools) bootstrap were creates for i386 and amd64 architectures on both FreeBSD and DragonFly.

After the compiler port (lang/gcc-aux) was updated, the following ports were immediately upgraded: ASIS to version 2013, GPRBuild to version 2013, PolyOrb to version 2013, and OpenToken 5.0a was added (it requires at least FSF GNAT 4.8 to build). Except for GNATDroid which is still based on FSF GNAT 4.7 for the moment, all Ada ports on FreeBSD use the latest FSF Ada compiler.

In other news, the AdaSockets port was resurrected a couple of weeks ago and another network library, ANet, was brought in and it handles IPv6 as well as IPv4.

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