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Adacore releases most of its GPL-licensed software on an annual basis, usually in May. That happened again, and as a result a number of packages have been updated to their latest releases in ports for FreeBSD and DragonFly:

  • florist 2014
  • gprbuild 2014
  • ASIS 2014
  • PolyOrb 2014
  • XML/Ada (repo)
  • AWS and demos (repo)
  • GNAT Programming Studio (repo)

Additional two more ports were added:

  • GNATColl 2014 (devel/gnatcoll)
  • GTKAda3 (repo) (x11-toolkits/gtkada3)

Note that versions that equal "2014" are the exact Adacore GPL release and the ports with 4-group versions are working versions from public-facing repositories. In some cases it was necessary to use later versions, e.g. we don't want two versions of xmlada (one for GPS, one for general use) and sometimes trying to maintain a single version of the dependencies means using codebase from something newer than the release. For example, GPS was frozen 7 months ago and the release wasn't compatible with the latest versions of gtkada3 and xmlada.

In other news, ANet was updated to version 0.3.0, a release that exists mainly to clean up the code for BSD based on our patches.

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