Home of the GNAT AUX and future DRACO Ada compilers.

Last week, a new cross-compiler based on GnatDroid was introduced into the FreeBSD Ports Collection. The host machine for this compiler is x86 FreeBSD or DragonFly while the target is aarch64--freebsd (FreeBSD/ARM64).

See Freshports GnatCross AArch64

This cross compiler was then used to bootstrap a native FSF GCC 6.3.1 with Ada frontend on FreeBSD/ARM64 (based on the 64-bit ARMv8 architecture). It passes every test in the GCC testsuite thanks to FreeBSD-specific signal frame unwinder I wrote that will be pushed to upstream to the GNU GCC project.

See Freshports GCC6-AUX

The existing GCC6-AUX port was updated to support aarch64, increasing the number of platforms to four:

  • FreeBSD i386
  • FreeBSD x86-64
  • FreeBSD aarch64
  • DragonFly x86-64

In related pkgsrc news, lang/gcc5-aux was upgraded from vesion 5.1 to 5.4 and lang/gcc6-aux (version 6.2) was introduced at the end of 2016. They support FreeBSD, DragonFly, and SunOS, but are limited to x86 architecture.

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